March 7, 2011

Love is a smoke and is made with the fume of sighs*

Romantic love is often an universal expectation in stories. Pick out almost any book or movie, and there's bound to be a love story in there somewhere regardless of the genre. This isn't technically a bad thing. At the heart of nearly all internal conflict, and plenty of external conflict, are human relationships, and it is those relationships that we identify with, that create lovable and sympathetic characters we become emotionally invested in. Sometimes those human relationships are family and friendship (which I love), but more often than not, they're romantic.

Poll! ('genre fiction' here to mean genres OUTSIDE of romance)

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Do you like romance in your genre fiction?

If yes, to what degree?

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I conducted the same poll on my fandom blog a couple months ago, and the results of that one are here, if you're curious.

Romance: as expected as a muffin top after Thanksgiving (but sexier)


*Subject is a quote from Romeo & Juliet

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