March 30, 2011

Writing Wednesday + contemplating a contest

Missed my Monday post b/c I was sick all weekend but back for Wednesday! Although it's a late Wednesday post. I need to start preparing these ahead of time again lol.

Today! Another old snippet from a fanfic, once again featuring Mukuro. Bwhahaa.

She remembers a voice, temperate but dismissive, a murmured 'Nagi' that wells to the surface of her mind like blood beads from a worried scab. The voice is from Before—before the accident, before Mukuro. She thinks 'Father,' but it is just a word, one that passes without sentiment. She might have loved him, but she doesn't remember, because everyone from Before has lost consequence.

There is only Mukuro and the memory of his fingers curved around her own. His kindness is the only one she needs. It doesn't matter all the subtle cruelties he stows beneath, because they are not for her.

Curled around her pillow, her palm rests atop her trident, an illusion wrought by the ring that weights her hand but no less an anchor. There is a yawning emptiness now where Mukuro had been, an aching hollow so acute that if she could reach into her chest, she'd expect to find just the dry husk of her ribs.

You have talent, Bianchi had said. Chrome wonders if she should perhaps resent the warmth that had stirred with those words. Such compliments inspire hope, they delineate higher expectations, and Chrome has only ever strived for Mukuro's ambitions; she has never had any of her own.

"Mukuro," she whispers. His silence is unbearable.

Well, that was chipper.

I'm debating a contest. A just-because contest. Or maybe a 100 followers contest should I ever reach 100 haha. I don't know, but it just sounds like so much fun that I couldn't help thinking about it lol.

Prizes would include the choice of a 10-page critique (by me--I know, disappointing LOL... unless... *has ideas* I'll get back to you on this one) OR a $20 Amazon gift card OR a bust sketch of any character you want (by me lol).

This is what I mean by a bust sketch:

What do you guys think? Yes? No? Would you enter? *cough*


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