March 16, 2011

Writing Wednesday + Contest you should totally enter

Today, I'm posting a short excerpt from a published YA novel b/c it's one of my favorites. See if you can guess the title :D

"Stay where you are." She jumped at the voice. The accent was rich and strange, though the words were pronounced precisely.

A man was sprawled in the mud only a few steps from her, clutching a curved sword in one hand. It shone like a sliver of moonlight in the hazy dark. Long pewter hair, plastered wetly to his neck, framed a face that was long and full of sharp angles. Rivulets of rain ran over the jointed black armor he wore. His other hand was at his heart, clutching a branch that jutted from his chest. The rain there was tinted pink with blood.

"Was it you, girl?" He was breathing raggedly.

Kaye wasn't sure what he meant, but she shook her head. He didn't look much older than she was.

Certainly not old enough to call her "girl."

"So you haven't come to finish me off?"

She shook her head again. He was long-limbed—he would be tall if he were standing. Taller than most people, taller than any faerie she had ever seen—still, she had no doubt that was what he was, if for no other reason than the pointed tops of his ears knifing through his wet hair—and that he was beautiful in a way that made her breath catch.

He licked his lips. There was blood on them. "Pity," he said quietly.

I was in a serious writing rut when I started this book in early 2010. I couldn't find an ending to my manuscript, and I had little motivation to write much of anything. Halfway through the book, I was so inspired that I had to stop reading in order to put pen to paper (fingers to keyboard ), and I wrote and wrote and wrote until I had finished my first real manuscript. I owe it all to this book and the author, whose words were beautiful and inspiring and reminded me of my love for creating stories.

This pic is totally two years old lol.

eta: Yes, the book is Tithe by Holly Black. Her writing is mesmerizing.

Are there any books like that for you? ♥


Caroline Valdez Miller has just announced that she is now agented! Congrats, Carol! In celebration, she's holding an epic contest and giveaway. Prizes include a first page critique by her new agent Vickie Motter and a Kindle. That's right. How awesome, right? And on top of that, there are a ton of other prizes to be won as well.

What are you waiting for? Go enter!


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