March 23, 2011

Writing Wednesday (and puppies!)

First, huge THANK YOU to everyone who stopped by Sunday and Monday to leave a comment on my Show Me The Voice blogfest entry ♥

Today, another short excerpt from the same manuscript:

Removed! <3 The smell of homemade brownies is wafting through the kitchen. Yum! Also, I didn't prepare a post in advance lol so I'll just leave you guys with a few pictures. 1. Latest shoot on my sister's photography blog, Pretty Geeky.

» Farm + Carnival shoot
» If you're looking for a quality photoshoot, check out the rest of their blog and contact them!

2. My two puppies. Who doesn't love puppies?

Simba the Olde English Bulldogge (4 months) and Pluto the American Pitbull (9 months)


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