April 1, 2011

Epic Follower Blogfest (AND APRIL FOOL'S DAY!)

For the blogfest:
Title: Soul Without a Boy
Genre: YA urban fantasy

A 17yo boy accidentally creates a girl, but in a world where souls can be turned into weapons, he learns standing out can be deadly.

Thank you for all the feedback, guys! I rearranged the wording as suggested:

In a world where souls can be harnessed as weapons, a boy accidentally creates a person and learns that standing out can be deadly.

It's April Fool's!

You may vote for your favorite and/or tell me I am mentally fifteen (to which I say: well, obviously, why else do I write YA? =P) :

April Fool's Day poll

On April Fool's Day, you would:

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Have you guys ever played any awesome pranks for April Fool's?

Totally not what it looks like.

Have an awesome weekend, guys! ♥

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