April 8, 2011

Top Five Book-to-Film Adaptations and Other Fun Stuff

First! Kalen over at Creativity or Insanity? will be having a Critique Partner Auction Blogfest. I'm happy with my CPs so I won't be entering, but if you're looking for one, this is a pretty cool idea!

In addition, the super awesome Maggie Stiefvater has a 2011 Critique Partner Love Connection post, where you can post quick manuscript facts in the comments and/or search the comments for one that catches your eye.

See On the Value of Crit Partners (and where to find them!) for links to other places to find a CP ♥

My Five Favorite Book-to-Film Adaptations: (in no particular order)
Harry Potter - I'm cheating by saying the whole series. I'm something of a book purist, so when film adaptations make changes for non-plot related reasons, I get extremely annoyed.

For example, in The Order of the Phoenix, Umbridge made Harry use a quill that carved the words he wrote into the back of his hand. The film had Umbridge forcing all the students in detention to use the quill. Also, when Harry forced his way into Snape's memories and found that his dad really was something of an jerkface bully, the moment was hugely conflicting for him. In the film, his utter lack of reaction was boggling.

Regardless, HP is still a definite favorite and you can bet I'll be there to watch the final film in theatres this summer.

The Lord of the Rings - One word: Legolas. THAT IS ALL. And Gandalf is BAMF.

Seriously though, changes-that-made-no-damned-sense aside (like Arwen being tied to the ring, WTH HOW?), the films are lush and visually stunning and my only regret is that Elrond's sons, Elladan and Elrohir, were cut from the films.

Emma - My favorite of all the Jane Austen book-to-film adaptations.

Howl's Moving Castle - Okay, so the film was different enough that it might as well have been its own thing. Still, any movie that can make me think a guy who turns into a giant bird is hot is awesome in my book.

How to Train Your Dragon - I LOVE THIS FILM SO MUCH. And the book is different, but who cares? DRAGONS.

Extra: The Princess Bride. INCONCEIVABLE!

There you have it. This post brought to you by an old Howl sketch:

What are your top five? ♥

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