April 15, 2011

Voice Matters Blogfest Challenge!

I'm challenging you guys to pick up to two characters -- any two characters, your own or someone else's -- and write them into three different genres while making obvious the genre and maintaining that ever-elusive VOICE!

For genre choices (pick three), see Jennifer Laughran's Big Ol' Genre Glossary for genre definitions. Or heck, make one up! =P

Each passage can be anywhere between a few sentences to few paragraphs. Whatever works for you. Then, on Friday, April 22, post them to your blog and go read others'!

Confused about what to do? No worries. I'll demonstrate!

Caveat: I did this in like... 30 minutes? Without editing. Be warned lol.

My characters of choice: Kanda and Allen from D.Gray-man (I'll use my own when I do this for the blogfest)

Science Fiction:
"Soo," Allen began, putting on his most welcoming smile. "Where are you f--"

"Don't talk to me."

Allen's mouth pinched. As one of the select few deployed to the Mars Colony base, the position came with both rank and some decent perks, which was a hell of an improvement from the London slums. Now, to keep the job, he just had to resist stuffing his partner down the garbage shoot.

"I really think we should try to get along," Allen said. He recharged his smile, but it quickly wilted when his partner--Kanda, according to their supervisor--made it apparent he had no intention of replying.

Allen watched in bemusement as Kanda sat down at his desk and began fussing with his hair. The hell? Kanda lifted the long sweep of dark hair off his neck and tied it back with a length of rope. Then he glanced at Allen and barked, "What?"

Allen snorted and turned away. Screw this. Maybe he'd get away with shaving the guy's head while he slept.

High Fantasy: (I totally ripped the setting from World of Warcraft)
"Outside, Paladin. Now." Kanda stalked away, drawing both his swords. His companion shuffled after him, a dusty path of decay in its wake.

Allen glanced in bewildered affront between the death knight's retreating back and the vendor to whom he'd offered to pay 'the lady's purchase.'

Crap. He slapped a palm over his face and hurried after Kanda to apologize before he was actually forced into a duel.

Allen tucked his earnings into his bag--half a loaf of stale bread, but hey, food was food--and then slid free the cards he'd hidden in his sleeve.

"You cheated." Across from him, Kanda rested his back against the train seat. It was stiff and cracked, the foam beneath yellow and crumbling, but Kanda settled into it without a hint of discomfort.

"Of course I cheated," Allen said, flicking his wrist and making the cards appear and disappear between his fingers. "They tried cheating us first. It was only fair."

Kanda rolled his eyes and gazed out the window at the sky, gray and ruddy at the horizon where the sun was setting, like the rusty metal walls of the train car. It was annoying sometimes how nothing seemed to faze the guy. But given the circumstances in which Allen had found him--eyes flat, sword in hand and covered in gore--Allen could wager a guess as to why.

So what are you waiting for? Sign up! :D

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P.S. If you're a Lord of the Rings fan, you need to watch this: first Behind the Scenes look at The Hobbit. AAAAAAH I AM SO EXCITED, YOU GUYS HAVE NO IDEA.

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