May 13, 2011

A Tourist's View of New York + a Blog Award

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Last November, I visited New York for the first time. During the trip, I pulled a muscle in my foot from excessive walking (the level of pathetic in that is phenomenal), had numerous bouts of nausea, learned how to navigate the subway, and survived not just one but four taxi cab rides! Look at me, all adventurous *cough*

Things I learned about New York:

1. The people are generally very friendly. A couple times, a kind passerby noticed our vacant expressions of confusion and, noting our camera gear, asked if we needed help and pointed us in the right direction. I was our map person, and it did take me a couple times to get oriented but I always found my way eventually! Except for when we tried to find Koreatown, but I'm blaming googlemaps for that one >_>

Of course, there was the flip side as well in which some guys said, loud enough for surrounding tourists to hear: "I f*ing hate tourists."

Thanks, buddy.

2. When that traffic light turns green, those cars are coming whether you're out of the crosswalk or not. And vice versa for pedestrians when the walk signal lights up. The number of people who almost got ran over amazed me. And they weren't even fazed by it.

3. The women either can't aim on a toilet or they don't clean up after themselves. Nearly every toilet provided disposable paper toilet seat covers, which you'd think would minimize this problem but apparently not. Never in my life have I found, in every public bathroom I used (Every. Single. One.), that the toilet I happened to choose had urine on the seat. A couple times, I decided to be rebellious and thought 'NO, MADAM-WHO-USED-THIS-TOILET-BEFORE-ME, I THINK I SHALL NOT CLEAN UP AFTER YOUR INDISCRETIONS TODAY' and turned around to choose a different stall... only to find the same problem.

Maybe I'm just unlucky?

4. The subways are a must. And a godsend when your feet hurt so much you feel like you're walking on a bed of needles. Just remember to take the right train going in the right direction. Lesson learned. Do not want to end up in the Bronx when your destination is Battery Park.

5. The taxi drivers are insane. Maybe all the drivers in general are? IDK but from our hotel in Manhattan to LaGuardia airport, I swear our cab straddled two lanes the entire time. And it was 4 a.m. and raining. I may have feared for my life.

6. New York is truly the city that never sleeps. Monday evening in Times Square was just as busy as Saturday evening although the obvious tourists were fewer in number. And the traffic was just as crazy at 4 a.m. as it was at 4 p.m.

7 - infinity. Central Park was amazing. And the met. I could have spent the entire trip there. Grand Central Station was stunning. All the architecture was beautiful. Times Square was exciting. The Statue of Liberty was breathtaking. I'm running out of adjectives, but you get the idea.

This was my favorite display in the Met.

At Grand Central Station, which was only a block from our hotel!

View of Manhattan from the ferry that took us to Liberty Island:

There was this stunning courtyard on Liberty Island filled with white iron-wrought chairs and tables. They were completely empty, and gold leaves littered the ground. I imagined invisible faeries holding court around me. I dubbed it The Lonely Court:

The Statue of Liberty from the ferry as we left Liberty Island:

Without dramamine, I would have been sick all over the ferry. And even with the pills, I was still kind of nauseous. The ground felt like it was rocking beneath me for almost a day afterward.

There may have also been an attractive Japanese man standing on the deck across from me, and I really didn't want to horrify him (and the other passengers) by retching over the rails.

Public decency. I has it sometimes.

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Have an awesome weekend, guys! ♥

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