May 18, 2011

Writing Wednesday and dealing with the blues

Drabble! As in, a 100-word ficlet. This is a little more than 100 words, but they're a fun practice in being concise, which I ultimately fail at lol


I've been having this vexing roller coaster of up and down the last couple weeks, both for personal and writing reasons. When you start feeling like you're never going to get anywhere, how do you guys deal with the blues?

I like to tell myself, no matter how hopeless I feel, at least I'm not this guy:

Click to view full :) This is one of my favorite digital paintings that I've done. This is Mukuro in his watery prison. OH MUKURO ;_; Guess whose hand that is.

I didn't prepare a Friday post so next post will be Monday. I'm off to Anime Central this weekend, woo~ Pictures maybe when I get back!

ETA: Don't forget, my Followers Contest ends Sunday when I get back from ACEN! ♥

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