May 4, 2011

Writing Wednesday + Artistic Blogger Award

Today's excerpt is from something I wrote a few years ago:

That first stroll through Tsuna's subconscious had been unintentional. Tsuna had been sitting at the center of an otherwise unremarkable field. Mukuro had paused at its perimeter and imagined the narrow shoulders of the Sawada Tsunayoshi he had known superimposed on the broad back of the young Vongola boss before him. He had glanced down at his empty hand and flexed his fingers as if testing the phantom weight of a memory.

"I've been waiting for you."

Mukuro smiled because it was the easiest thing to do given the circumstances. "Have you?"

"Yes," Tsuna said, scooting around to face him. There was a line of concern between his brows, discernible through the fall of his hair. "I needed to know if you were... okay."

His hesitation was amusing. Mukuro's feet whispered through the tall grass. There was the distinct absence of apprehension in Tsuna's face. Such reckless inexperience, Mukuro thought, to feel secure in so tumultuous a place.

"What makes you think I'm anything more than a product of your dreams?"

Tsuna's lips quirked and his eyes shifted away for a moment, just enough to convey his uncertainty. "You could be... but I don't think you are."

Mukuro was close enough now to reach out and touch him. So because he could, he did. Tsuna's hair was coarse against his palm.

Tsuna smiled, reading more in the small gesture than Mukuro intended. Mukuro moved his hand lower, fingers pressing into the skin of his neck. "Still so naïve, Sawada Tsunayoshi."

The incredibly sweet Anita over at A Still and Quiet Madness gave me this beautiful award:

Thanks so much, Anita! You're awesome ♥

Speaking of art, I'm contemplating a contest to celebrate hitting the 100 followers mark. But the prizes would be modest--a bust sketch by me (all the artwork on this blog and my website is by me, so you know what my style is), a possible writing critique, and a Borders gift card.

Can I have a show of hands for who'd be interested? Just for me to know, really. I will likely do this contest regardless of whether two or twenty people enter =P

Today's excerpt brought to you, again, by Mukuro, my favorite morally ambiguous psychopath, and Tsuna, his reluctant mafia boss:


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