June 29, 2011

Writing Wednesday

Homonym Hell is still open! Submit the quiz and, if you get them all correct, you're entered into a drawing to win a $10 Borders e-gift card. Deadline is Thursday night. Winner will be announced Friday.

He stumbled in at three in the morning, a strip of pale abdomen and the sharp cut of his hipbones visible above his jeans. A half-smoked cigarette hung at a precarious angle from swollen lips. He pressed his back to the door and sought Alec's gaze past the blocks of moonlight that patterned the area rug.

Alec rose from his recline and crossed the room, the shadows sliding across his skin and the rumpled folds of his shirt. Gavin shifted his feet, legs falling open, the top button of his jeans undone. Something twisted in Alec's gut.

"Where have you been?" Alec asked, his voice flat. The question was automatic, routine, just as Gavin's response was a practice in indulgent repetition.

"What do you care?" The end of his cigarette flared bright in the darkness. His lips parted and a dim haze of smoke blurred the lines of his face.

I love angst. I'll read anything that breaks my heart so long as it gets pieced back together in the end :)

Heero and Duo from Gundam Wing

What about you guys? Do you love getting your heart broken in books?


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