July 29, 2011

There She Is!

So there's this adorable flash video series called "There She Is!" in which a bunny falls in love with a cat and it's FORBIDDEN, but she's persistent to the point of Edward-stalkerishness and cat tries to tell her THIS CAN NEVER BE but bunny won't have any of it and it's cliche and a little alarming and in the end, it's actually ridiculously ADORABLE and even a bit beautiful AND I LOVE IT.

In which bunny and cat meet for the first time:

And bunny immediately falls in love, to cat's dismay:

Each video is only a few minutes long, SO PLEASE WATCH AND ENJOY :D

There She Is!
Step 1: There She Is!
Step 2: Cake Dance
Step 3: Doki and Nabi
Step 4: Paradise
FINAL STEP (5): Imagine

Have a great weekend, everyone! ♥

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