August 12, 2011

Say What?

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Browsing through old chat logs and came across this. It made me lol.

Lori: A is watching a movie about a girl who has teeth in her vagina
P: you're sick, A
A: -_-;;;;
P: oh yeah
P: that reminds me
P: i never finished watching that hentai
Lori: rofl
Lori: we have the best conversations

Which then reminded me of a chat I had with Anna:

Lori: [the pain] is from my second and third knuckle (starting from pinky) down to the wrist
Anna: might be carpetl
Anna: carpel
Anna: LMAO
Anna: wtf is WRONG with me
Lori: hahah
Lori: carpet sounds like I need to shave my nad
Lori: ...
Lori: HAND
Anna: i'm seriously slumped over my keyboard cracking up

Typos are the best (but only in chat, not in your manuscript lol) ♥ I'm sure there's a writing analogy in here somewhere. Feel free to point it out =P

Any chat stories you guys would like to share? :D

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