October 28, 2011

A Winner, a Book Giveaway, and a Blog Award :D

Thanks so much to everyone who entered my giveaway of a preorder of either SHATTER ME or LEGEND. The winner is:   CHRISTY H. Winner has been notified.

Don't forget to come back Wednesday, November 2 for the launch of the Dark YA Blogfest, which I'm kicking off with a giveaway of an ARC of EVERNEATH by Brodi Ashton.

Yes, you want that book. YOU REALLY, REALLY DO. And the release date was recently moved back to January 24th so you'd have to wait even longer to get your hands on it if you don't win. WAITING IS TORTURE (although, for this book, well worth it). So you should enter the giveaway :)
OKAY, I also received this award from two of my favorite people--Cherie and Anna:

So I guess I'm suppose to fill out the following requirements by sifting through my blog posts... alrighty then. Does anyone else think it's awkward rating my own posts this way? >_>;;

Most Beautiful: I'm going to cheat and say my series on archetypes** because it has pictures of pretty boys with swords. Yes. That's a totally valid reason.

Most Popular: Through a combination of comments and hits, I'd go with the Third Campaigner Challenge. I think, of all the challenges, I'm the most fond of this one as well.

Most Controversial: Easily the one about the Inequality of Switching Gender Roles. Lots of great thoughts and opinions in the comments as well. Check it out if you have time!

Most Helpful: Crit Partners (and where to find them). Lots of links there for people searching for beta readers and CPs :)

Most Surprisingly Successful: Possibly Drafting and Editing from Artwork to Writing, because seeing the editing process laid out in a visual format as well as literary is really helpful--especially to people like me who tend to learn by seeing as well as doing.

Most Underrated: How to Add Links to your Google Friend Connect Profile. It's frustrating when I want to learn more about my followers and they have no links in their GFC profile! LOL

Most Proud Of: On Etiquette and Honesty because I still think all of that is important and will always be important.

Or maybe this one because HELLO, ROBOT UNICORN ATTACK! What's not to love? :D

**This series is not over yet >} Come back Monday for what I call "The Designated Psychopath" - perfect for Halloween, right?

Thanks, ladies, for the award ♥

No artwork today because this post is long enough lol. Hope you guys have an awesome weekend!

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