January 16, 2012

On John Green and My Laziness

So I've been wanting to write a blog post about how much I love John Green (in a platonic, non-stalkerish OMG I LOVE YOUR BOOKS AND YOU ARE AWESOME TOO sort of way) for a while now. As in, ever since I first started this blog. But I just didn't know how to capture in words my nerdfighter love for nearly everything the man either puts to paper and/or speaks in a slightly alarming but impressively rapid tone of voice ("nearly" only b/c I am still incensed that his 'Ball of Suck' contained UNICORNS!!!).

But then I came across this post about Five Reasons Why John Green Should Rule The World, which pretty much says everything I would have wanted to say, and it also included video evidence of John Green's awesomeness, which was also something I wanted to do. So, naturally, instead of writing my own post, I'm just going to direct you guys there.


IN CASE YOU MISSED IT THE FIRST TWO TIMES: Five Reasons Why John Green Should Rule The World by Jamie at The Perpetual Page-turner

And if, for some reason, you haven't yet gotten The Fault in Our Stars, why not?!


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