January 23, 2012

Writing and Querying Resources

Happy Monday! If you're either looking for critique partners or preparing to query, here are a couple resources.


"Ladies Who Critique is a critique partner matching site for writers of all levels – published, unpublished, aspiring, hobbyists, even closet writers or complete newbies!

Think of it like a dating website, but ‘The One’ is your perfect critique partner. You can find 'The One' by searching for members based on the genre they write, their writing and critiquing experience, interests and more. Ladies Who Critique is completely free – and always will be!"

eta: "Men are totally welcome. We have a handful of guys using the site already. I know the name suggests otherwise, but actually the more the merrier! Come on over my friend!" ~Laura (site founder)

Resource Roundup – Querying Your Masterpiece

This post by bluestocking is a great collection of info and links covering everything from whether you're ready to query up through getting The Call. (my crit partner is awesome)

Have a great week, guys!

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