February 29, 2012

Tagged on the Campaign Trail (#1)

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I was tagged a couple weeks ago to answer 11 questions from Jennifer Baker-Henry. Sorry it took so long for me to get to them!

1. What literary character (any genre) can you most relate to and why?

I'm going to cheat and say I don't think there is any one character I've ever been able to point at and go 'I relate most to her.' I see bits of myself in characters all the time. Harry's horrid eyesight. Hermione's love for books. Neville's clumsiness and lack of confidence. Ron's giant family. Luna's whimsy.

2. If you could choose between having six months to yourself to pursue your art in a great area with beautiful landscape to write and no worries on money, food, living arrangements but would not be able to have any communication with the outside world whatsoever, would you do it?

My gut reaction was OMG YES! But then I thought about it. Setting aside the fact I wouldn't be able to talk to my CPs or my agent, I'd have to leave my FAMILY for six months? I couldn't do it. I treasure solitude whenever I can find it, but I would never be able to cut off all communication with my family for so long.

Besides, six months alone would probably drive even the most hermit-y person crazy.

3. What do you think is more important: true love or success?

Success is subjective. True love is absolutely a success in itself, but I think this question is asking whether I'd choose love over a successful career. And, honestly, I don't know. I love my husband to pieces, and I want to grow old with him. But being a published author is just as much a lifelong dream, and it sometimes causes stress between us. Likewise, I believe that if I was a successful author, I'd still feel discontent without someone to share it with me.

I short: I have no idea!

4. What is usually the first thing you do when you get up in the morning?

Wouldn't most people say 'use the bathroom'? =P But if we're skipping all the cleaning up stuff, then it would be 'check my email.'

5. Of all the books pubbed that you have had the pleasure to read, which one do you most wish you'd written?

Harry Potter, of course XD

6. Why do you write?

I'm going to be a cliche and say it's because I can't imagine not writing. I'm not good at expressing my emotions, and I rarely talk about them. I bottle things up and store them away. Possibly the only reason I'm not crazy is because I redirect all of that pent up energy and emotion through my writing. I write because I love and need to write. Because writing is how I've always identified myself. Because if I didn't write, I think I'd go crazy.

Or rather, crazier. I do frolic with unicorns in my head after all =P

7. If you had to lose one of your senses which would it be? (And yes, I include taste in this.)

I suppose if I had to lose a sense, it'd be hearing. Not because I don't value it equally alongside the others, but because it's the sense I would be the least scared to lose.

8. What is the best memory you have? Have you ever used it in your writing?

All of my best memories are about my daughter, and I have never used them in my writing.

9. If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?

Japan or Scotland. The history, the culture, the architecture and the landscapes--I would be in heaven.

10. What is your favorite thing to do before you write?

Look over my outline =P

11. What is the food/drink item you go to most when stressed/upset/irritated? What is the food/drink item you go to most when happy/exuberant/celebratory?

In both cases, ice cream. Yum!


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