May 14, 2012

Unicorn Hiatus 01

I've been ridiculously busy lately, which led to consistently forgetting to update the blog. As a result, I decided it would be best to take a hiatus. In place of my usual posts, I will be putting up unicorn posts. This was totally not an excuse to bombard you with unicorn pictures.

To start off: the classic beauty!


And who doesn't love baby unicorns? Even awkward-looking ones!


There will still be some scattered blog tour posts since those are scheduled well in advance :)


Eliza Tilton said...

I was shopping for My Little Pony for a bday gift. They have a unicorn one that is sooo cute.

Amy Parker said...

I love the first one. It reminds me a bit of LEGEND that movie from the eighties that I watched at least a bajillion times.

RaeMarie said...

Love it all!

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