June 6, 2012

Writing Wednesday

Despite that I suspect the unicorn hiatus has completely ruined your ability to take me seriously, I'm glad I did it. But I'm also glad to be back :D

I finally worked through a plot hole that had been stalling my wip for the last month and a half (cue frustrated hair-pulling). And I've begun writing again, which feels fantastic. I love writing a first draft b/c I don't have to worry about word placement and making things sound pretty or even forming coherent metaphors. For now, I'm only focusing on getting the story out, which makes the writing both easy and fun.

My favorite part, however, is editing. Really picking and choosing my words and taking the time to create the right images--it's much easier to work with words already written than to stare at a blank document and expect it to fill up with amazing prose. I can't wait to finish this draft and jump into edits!

A narrow window dissected the wall, directly opposite Kino's futon. Through it, he could see the gray wall and curling window designs of the Nikoku City Bank, and a paved street too narrow for vehicles larger than single-passenger crickets. It was an uninteresting view, but it was something to look at as his fingers moved over the paper, folding the edges and pleating creases by memory.

Have I shared Grimmjow yet? I can't remember...

What are you working on right now? ♥

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