December 12, 2012

Pitch Wars: Team Announcement!

Teams have been announced!
(Click the above link to see the full list of teams.)

First, I want to give a sincere thank you to every writer who applied for me. I am so beyond grateful and humbled that you shared your work with me. Contests like these aren't easy, and the fact you put yourself out there is, itself, incredibly brave. So here's to you.

For Team Lori, I selected:

Sam the Shadowman by Leila

The premise was intriguing. The sample pages were well-written, and the voice was stellar. Leila's MC made me laugh, and then she creeped me out all within the first five pages. (Admittedly, I am easily creeped out, but I think there was genuine creep-factor here.) I'm super excited to read the full!

Yesterseer by Sophia
Those Who Can't Speak by Jani

Congrats, ladies!

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