March 18, 2011

A Journey in Wordcounts

I was blown away by Liz over at Liz Writes Books after she posted her writing statistics. 22,200,391 words since 1995?! *bows down to the Wordcount of DOOM*

These are my statistics since 2005 (prior to this, I was juggling a part-time job, full-time University classes/work, and being a new mom).

2005 - 120,000 words
This was my senior year in college when I had a serious case of senioritis lol. But I managed to write what I thought was a pretty decent story for my Senior Capstone. Aside from that, I also started writing a crap ton of fanfiction. This was the year of the chapter stories.

2006 - 72,000 words
This was the year of the drabbles. I barely wrote anything over 1,000 words. Now, looking back, how the heck did I manage that?! LOL I am the most long-winded person in the world.

2007 - 30,000 words
This was the year I started playing World of Warcraft. EVERYTHING WAS HEWN ASIDE IN MY QUEST TO EXPLORE THE WORLD OF AZEROTH AND RAISE PET DRAGONHAWKS. Yeah, I'm kind of obsessive.

2008 - 53,000 words
I got my writing groove back, but I was still into WoW. My afternoons usually went like this:
-Sits at computer with FULL INTENTION of writing.
-Opens Word doc.
-Decides to check email.
-Decides to check friends list on Livejournal.
-Chats on IM.
-Remembers there's an open Word doc.
-Totally going to write now.
-Lori: OKAY! 8D
-Word doc: *sadface*

2009 - 138,000 words (started my YA manuscript)
I cracked my knuckles. I slapped myself around a few times. I ran up and down a flight of stairs channeling Rocky. Okay, that part was totally in my head, but I think that counts. I wrote a bunch of long AND short stories this year, but more importantly, I started my YA novel.

2010 - 84,000 words (finished YA manuscript)
I finished my YA novel in early June and spent the entire rest of the year editing it. And editing it. And editing it OMG WHEN WILL THIS ENDDDDDD. I also quit WoW. YAY! Who says I have no willpower? *sees chocolate* ... *eats it*

Total: 489,000 words since 2005
*Not counting blogs I've written, which would easily double that wordcount.

Nowhere near as impressive as Liz's, but what she says on her blog (which you should totally read) is true.

All those words have formed the bricks in my path as a writer. At first, they're sort of jumbled and the path is rocky with no discernible pattern to the bricks that seem crudely put together. But as you continue, they become neater, laid down with more skill, lined up in neat--and surprising--patterns that come together in sometimes beautiful ways.

And the best part is that the path doesn't end until you say it does.

Sometimes, it's okay to sit down and rest though. Don't burn yourself out!

How about you guys? What does your journey look like?

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